wonderful Women Exhibition Saturday 28th of August  - 3rd September 2021

For my recent exhibition in Pittville Gallery and Guest House, I have been inspired by Wonderful Women through the ages, from Mary Shelley to the novelist Zadie Smith, Using my style of painting to capture their beauty as well as hopefully, some of their strong personality. I do hope you enjoy the work. 

For my upcoming exhibition Wonderful Women have made the decision to donate 20% of the profit’s made from sales of my works to Women’s Aid - a charity that supports the women refuges. As someone who has both worked in a refuge, and also had to use them for myself and my family in the past, I am very  passionate about giving back and supporting those people in need.


Dates Coming Soon 

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Anthea Millier

My walking practice allows me to become exposed to and receptive to new ideas and diverse ways of thinking. Being immersed in an open space becomes a catalyst for imagination and hence a pathway to creativity.

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Photography and Printmaking

Georgia Charles

I have worked as a Photographer, Filmmaker and Teacher for over 10 years. Based in Cheltenham but I work all over the UK and abroad shooting for commissions as well as my own Art projects. Recently Studying for my master’s in photography at Gloucestershire University has awaked my creative photographic and film making passion, regularly collaborating with other Artists, Poets and Musicians.

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